About KT

OEM ECU reflashing is now avavible for late model Fords and Dodge!

Click Here for a list of vehicles whos OEM ECU’s can be re-flashed/calibrated by KT.

What is custom tuning and why is it needed?

Whenever there is an enhancement/addition to the flow of air and or fuel made to an engine, your computer will only be able to self-adjust a small amount. If you changed the intake, intake manifold, exhaust, heads, cam add a supercharger or turbo etc. you have increased the amount of air being taken in by the engine, which will eventually result in more power. By doing this you know you have to also increase the amount of fuel delivered in order to compensate for the extra air. As a result of increasing fuel and air flow you will increase the power output of your engine.

In order to make everything work together to achieve optimal gains in power, efficiency and reliability, you must tune the fuel and timing to accommodate  the addition of air flow. There are a few ways to tune your cars.  Cars with computers can be flashed, chipped or have a standalone EFI system installed.  A custom tune is different for every car. The air/fuel mixture in idle, cruise and wide open throttle is optimized throughout the entire RPM range on each and every individual car . This ensures that your car will behave as factory as possible with the given setup you built for your car.

In cases were you have greatly altered the engine you MUST acquire a custom tune. The chances of running too lean (more air than fuel) or to rich (more fuel than air) is alot more drastic than a simple intake and exhaust setup. Either of those two cases will eventually cause some kind of mechanical failure.
Also cars like the Corvettes, Camaros, GTOs, Cobras etc. have alot left on the table as they come from the factory. Adding an intake, header and exhaust setup and a custom tune will result in major performance gains.

Custom tuning is the best way to get the most performance, efficiency and reliability out of your car.

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